Day 9: Success

Read: Genesis 39:1-6

Salley Rooney was named the first great millennial novelist with the hit of her book “Normal People”. Ariana Grande was the youngest artist to perform at “Coachella” after breaking records for her music video for “thank u, next”. Kylie Jenner, one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram, is the youngest self-made billionaire at just 21 years old.

We’re obsessed with successful people. The names most overheard in coffee shop conversations and followed on Instagram are those who have made it the farthest in their careers, earned the most money, or broke records at the youngest age. We can’t seem to get enough of people who’ve “made it”. Even though I know that they’re just people, I too am fascinated with those who at such young ages have such a big status.

In Genesis 39, Joseph too becomes a successful person of high status even at his young age. He became the overseer of the entire house of one of the officers of the reigning Pharaoh. The difference was that it was God who gave Joseph his success. After Joseph was sold to Potiphar, he saw God’s presence in Joseph and made him overseer of the house. The passage says that it was God who caused all that Joseph did to be successful. From the time he arrived in Egypt through his time as overseer, God blessed his work. Joseph found favor in his Master’s eyes because the Lord’s presence and hand were apparent. Joseph would have had to do his part in working hard in his position, but ultimately it was because of God that he was favored and promoted.

We can trust that God is at work no matter our circumstance. Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers and yet God used him to bless the house he was working in. We don’t have to worry that our best efforts at following God won’t be enough. God doesn’t ask us to do everything perfectly. He just asks us to get to know Him and  make Him known to others. In this, we’ll make mistakes and will be let down by the people around us, but we don’t have to despair because God takes our efforts and uses them to do far more good than we can imagine. Joseph sought to honor God even after being sold into slavery by his brothers. God took that and allowed Potiphar to favor him. No matter the size of our efforts, we can trust that God will use it for His bigger plan. 

Take a few minutes to write down ways that God has taken your efforts to do more than you could have asked for. I encourage you to thank Him for each of these.

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