Day 19: And Behold

Read: Ruth 4:1-12

The entire book of Ruth is filled with God-planned happenstances. After Naomi and Ruth left Moab and returned to Bethlehem, Ruth happened to arrive at Boaz’s field. There she worked hard and was not turned away. Then in chapter 2, Boaz happened to suddenly arrive in Bethlehem and check in on his servants. Because of this, Ruth was introduced to him and received favor in his eyes. He heard about her devotion to Naomi and blessed her for it. And then, once again, when Boaz walked into the city, the man who was first in line to redeem Naomi and Ruth happened to be there!

Boaz took the opportunity, and in compassion for Ruth and Naomi, sat this man down and presents him with the women’s case. The man refused to redeem Naomi because Ruth is part of the deal, and so Boaz took on the responsibility and redeemed them. He bought the land and married Ruth. He took compassion on Ruth and Naomi and gave them a home.

God fills our lives with little happenstances as well. Naomi didn’t really see how God had been taking care of her the whole time until Ruth runs into Boaz in the field. God is always working for our good, even when we can’t see it. He knows what we need and loves us enough to give us what we need. This doesn’t mean that we get what we want. Most times, what we need is to grow, so God puts us in situations that do just this. But no matter the circumstance, He is always with us, guiding, keeping, and helping us. We can trust that He is bigger than our fears and will follow through with His promises.

What areas of your life have you not been trusting God in? Pray that He would teach you to trust Him and not lean on your own strength. What are little ways that God has been providing for you? Make an effort today to notice little things God has given you. Praise and thank Him for them!

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