Day 17: Honoring God

Read: Ruth 2:1-16

Several years ago, my friend was raising money to get ready to go to Greece. He worked three jobs all summer, budgeted, and even lived out of his car for a while to save money. And yet, when the deadline was a week away, he was still over a thousand dollars below his goal. But in the last few days, the money came in. Friends and family decided to give him money and he was able to meet the deadline.

God has provided for His people in the history of Israel over and over. When Israel was in the desert after fleeing Egypt, God gave them manna, water, and quail to eat (Ex 6). God strengthened David when he faced Goliath in a seemingly unwinnable battle (1 Sam 17), and then hid him when Saul sought out to murder him (1 Sam 24). God has always been faithful to those who love and honor Him.

In the Biblical Old Testament Law, it is stated that harvesters are to leave some of the grain behind in the field so that the poor, widows, orphans, and foreigners could take it and have food to live off of. This is one of the ways that the people of Israel took care of each other and that God provided food for them.

This is exactly what God is doing for Ruth in this passage through Boaz. Ruth had honored God by showing Naomi love and leaving all she knew to live as a foreigner in Israel. When Boaz heard this from his servants, he rewarded her for it. He told his servants to leave more grain behind so she could glean for herself and Naomi. He fed her and gave her water, but did not stop here. He also gave her protection, telling her to glean from his property, assuring her his men would not harm her. Although the law required it, not everyone left much for gleaning and Ruth may have gotten in trouble in other fields, especially as a foreigner.

Psalm 119:2 says, “Blessed are those who keep his testimonies, who seek him with their whole heart.” Ruth followed God’s commands and was faithful to Naomi, and for that, she was rewarded. God provides and takes care of those who seek Him. He has been doing so from the beginning of time and He is not stopping now.

What are some extraordinary ways God has provided for you recently? What are some ways you can bless others in today? Evaluate your heart and pray, asking God to transform your heart and mind to His.

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