Day 28: A Prayer

Consider praying these words to our God. Then spend quality time in prayer and praise to a God who deeply loves you.

He called me to love, 

Love my God. 

Love myself. 

Love others the same. 

Love my enemies. 

Not a simple phrase 

But a strong command. 

One I pray to keep, 

For a failure to love 

Reigns deep in my heart. 

Love all and always, 

Full fellowship 

In all directions. 

To the lost, needy, neglected, 

To those cold to love, 

To those who reject, 

I am called to show love. 

To a God who loves, 

Help me, help us please 

Simply to love each other. 

An example You set, 

A desire to reflect. 

I pray, I pray, 

To the God of love. 


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