Day 14: A Prayer

Consider praying these words to our God. Then spend quality time in prayer and praise to a God who deeply loves you.

We, twisted, corrupted, distorted; 

We, fallibly redefined; 

That which You created. 

Our love is messy 

Yet Yours is true. 

So, Father I pray

Teach, guide and lead us 

To love the way You do 

With abundance and truth. 

Help us distinguish 

Between what is real 

And what is misconstrued. 

I pray, I pray, 

To know and express 

Love like Yours. 

One without discrimination, 

One of community, 

One not seeking gain, 

One that is not cheap, 

One that is consistent, 

One greater than support. 

To know true love 

I pray, I pray, 

To the God of love. 


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