Day 5: Meeting the Savior

Read: John 1:35-42 

It’s amazing to hear parents tell about the birth of their children. Mom’s specifically can often share the details of what they wore the day they went into labor, what they were doing when their water broke, the countless hours that their labor lasted for, and the feelings they experienced when they held their child in their arms for the first time. Many share that having a child changed their life. They experienced a love that they never had before. They were given a new piece of identity as a parent. Their life was never the same. 

In this passage, we read about three of Jesus’ twelve disciples meeting him for the first time. The significance of this encounter for each of these men is evident and it’s beautiful. First, Jesus met two of John the Baptist’s disciples. Only one of them is named, but it’s speculated that the unnamed disciple is John, the author of this book. Notice here that John specified it was about the tenth hour when Jesus turned to speak to them. This moment was so important to him that he remembered the very hour it happened.  

The other disciple was Andrew. The passage tells us that as soon as he met Jesus, the first thing he did was go tell his brother Simon. This moment was so significant that he could not keep it to himself. He had to share the news with someone else. Then, when Simon met Jesus, he was given a new name: “Cephas,” which is interchanged with “Peter,” meaning “stone.” Peter soon became one of Jesus’ closest friends and an apostle. Even though Peter did not know what was to come, Jesus gave him a name to signify the importance of Jesus’ presence in his life. This name pointed forwards towards the role he would have in establishing the church.  

Whether these disciples knew the extent or not, this moment changed their lives. They had met the Savior of the World. God Himself. We get to participate in this too. When we meet Jesus, He makes all the difference. He changes our lives forever. He is not meant to be a casual acquaintance who we call on only when we need something, but our God. He is everything. When we meet Jesus, we can’t help but be turned upside down by Him. 

Call a friend today and share 2-3 ways Jesus has impacted your life and ask them for the same. Take time to praise God for this and then pray that He will continue to be of utmost importance to you.

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