Day 1: Who is this Man?

Read: John 1:1-5 

Written by one of Jesus’ disciples, the book of John is centered on showing who Jesus is. Story after story is written about the life of Jesus, the miracles He performed, and the lives He changed, all to show who He is. Even though the whole book works together to point to Jesus, John does not wait to reveal who this Man is. He starts right away talking about “the Word,” which we find out in verse 14 refers to Jesus. Readers are immediately given a picture of the beauty and glory of God who became a man to live and die and come back to life for us and for our sins. 

Jesus is eternal. He was with God since the beginning of time. And not only was He with God the Father when the world was created, but Jesus too created the world. Verse 3 says, “All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made.” Jesus is the foundation of the world. When I think of the world around me, my mind first goes to the darkness and sin that penetrates every corner. But this is not all that there is to the world. Verses 4-5 tell us that in Jesus is life and light that the darkness has not been able to have victory over. Jesus is the source of all that is good in this world.  

 Past series we have worked through have focused on the sin and death that we are turning from, but to bring the word “metanoia” full circle, we are focusing here on the Person who we are turning towards. In the face of Jesus, we find life and light. He is the source of life in a cycle of death. He is the source of light in this dark world. Consider the rays of light that come from the sun. Consider the glimmer of hope you feel that gives you enough energy to take another step on a hard day. Consider the joy found in the reunion with a good friend. Consider the relief felt when forgiven for a wrongdoing. All of this is from Jesus. He is the source of all that is good.  

Jesus has pursued us our Savior, our Lover, our Friend. He adores us and we get to spend our lives loving Him. This Jesus, whose arms we are safe in, who we get to adore, is the one who we get to spend the next 12 weeks learning about. Join us as we walk through the book of John to learn about who Jesus is.  

When was the last time you sat in silence with God? Take the next 5 minutes to sit in silence with Him, meditating on who Jesus is. 

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