Day 80: Love Like God

Read: Romans 16:1-16

When my fiance and I were dating, he went through the Marine Corps Boot Camp. He was gone for three months and the only way we had of communicating was through letters. Every single letter he signed off, “Love Always, Noah.” Although that sounds cheesy, it was a reminder that he loved me. It is important to know that we are loved.

Now that we are physically together, I am constantly reminded of my fiance’s love because of what he does to show it. And yet no matter how much he shows his love, I know God will always love me more. Similarly, Paul loved the Roman church deeply, but God loved them more. God loves us all. He loves us more than anyone else can.

In Romans chapter 16:1-16, we find Paul’s greetings to the church in Rome. This is the longest list of greetings in any of his letters. He greets twenty-six people and at least five home churches. He knew many of these individuals personally. The long list expresses the love Paul had for the people in Rome.

God loves us so much that instead of sending a letter, He sent His Son. Jesus came to earth to die for us. He died and conquered death so that we can have eternal life. His love should consume us with joy. But it should not stop there.  

1 John 4:19  says, “We love because He first loved us.” Because of His example, we need to go and love other people. Love is important; the Bible tells us to love our neighbors, which includes everyone, even our enemies. Loving others allows others to see the love of Christ.

God desires us to love one another in the same way He loves us. We are to strive to love people the way Christ loves people. We need to be examples of Christ to others.

Have you been loving people the way Christ love you? What is one thing you can do today to show love to someone else? Take time to write someone a letter or note letting them know they are loved and appreciated.

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