Day 43: Do You Question God’s Love?

Read: Romans 8:31-39

Why do questions make us think? There are probably multiple ways we could answer that question, and that’s the point. Questions cause us to search through all the possible answers in order to find the right one that will put a period in the place of the question mark.

Whenever I return home to California from Chicago, I expect a barrage of questions from my younger siblings (all under the age of 4) who are excited to see me. Admittedly, their questions can be frustratingly simple. Like, “Zach, are you sitting in the car?” when I am clearly sitting in the car with them.

However, some of their questions really cause me to think: “Zach, why did you come back?” There are many answers I could give them, but the one that I come to time and again is, “Because you’re my family and I love you. I enjoy spending time with you.” Their question causes me to think and give an answer. And I find that exploring the possible answers brings me to a new appreciation of the best response.

I appreciate anew my love for them. Why do I pay for an expensive plane ticket and choose to spend time with them when I could use that time and money to do something else? The answer: It’s because I love them, and that love is worth all the sacrifices that come with it.

In Romans 8:31-39, Paul asks his readers a number of questions. And thinking through the possible answers helps us appreciate Paul’s answers. In verse 31, Paul asks how we should respond to “these things.” “These things” refers back to Romans 5:1-8:30 where Paul wrote about the many reasons Christians can have confidence in their relationship with God. What is the correct response? To trust that God will not let anything separate us from Him!

If God is for us who can be against us? No one! Any other answer to this question would be ridiculous! God even gave up His own Son for us. If He’s willing to do that, why would we think that He would ever leave us? The power that God is “for us” is shown fully in Jesus’ death and Resurrection. He even conquered death itself!

By exploring the possible answers to Paul’s questions, it becomes abundantly clear that only one thing remains. God loves His people and is powerful enough to shelter them from any danger that would threaten that relationship. There are many things in our life that make us question God’s love, but truly nothing in all the world can separate us from Him. And that is because we are safe in Jesus Christ.

Have you doubted God’s power or love for you? What causes you to doubt them? Make a list of these things and replace Paul’s list in verse 38 with your own. Whatever they are, pray for faith to believe God’s Word that nothing can separate you from His love.

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