Day 26: Hope from Depravity

Read: Romans 5:12-16

Liz Joice was told she could probably never have children due to complications from cancer treatments. When she saw that multiple pregnancy tests said she was pregnant, she was amazed and elated. Her and her husband, Max had been longing for a child. She experienced the usual morning sickness that pregnant women often deal with, but other than that, the pregnancy was going smoothly. It wasn’t until she felt a lump on her back in the same place her previous cancerous tumor had been that she realized all was not well.

She was given three choices. She could remove the tumor and leave any more intensive treatment until the baby was born, she could undergo chemo and risk injuring the baby, or she could have an abortion and undergo chemo. Liz chose the least invasive option of only removing the tumor to protect her child.

After the tumor was removed, she underwent a follow up appointment at 33.5 weeks pregnant. The scans showed that the cancer had spread to her lungs, and an emergency c-section was planned. Her daughter, Lily came into the world weighing barely 4 pounds, but alive and kicking. Although Liz fought hard, she died 6 weeks after her daughter was born. Her life was sacrificed for the gift that is her daughter’s life.

 In Romans 5:12-16, we see that because of the actions of Adam and Eve, sin entered the world, and with that sin, came death. This wasn’t just physical death, but also death of a perfect relationship with God. This sin has affected you and me and every person through the history of the world.

In verses 15 and 16, Paul reminds us that even as awful as sin and depravity is, that’s not where our hope ends. We were given the gift of eternal life in Christ. Even though so much sorrow and death has come through sin, we have the hope of the gift of Christ. His death led to new life for us. The gift is so much greater and more beautiful than anything we have ever known. As beautifully self-giving Liz’s death was, and even though her sacrifice led to life for her daughter, it still pales in comparison to what God has done.

How has your life been changed by the gift of salvation? What are some ways you are grateful for the grace of God today? Take a deep breath and just rest in the gift of God’s love and freedom from darkness.

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