Who are you? Why are you here? What purpose do you serve?
We have been focusing on what the book of Romans says about who we are and what Christ did for us.
We hope our stories and thoughts on God’s Word will help you see that our salvation is never earned.
It is only by grace that we find life! Our prayer is that you see God in a new light through this series.

Latest Devotionals

Day 84: A Meditation

There are SO many things that seek to distort out identities but the truth is they are all powerless compared…

Day 83: Not Mine, But God’s

Steele Johnson is a professional swimmer. In 2016, He went to the Summer Olympics in Rio. There, he won the silver medal for men’s ten-meter synchronized platform diving competition.

Day 82: The Good and the Bad

My parents just got a new puppy. He is a sweet dog and for the most part, naturally behaves. Although he’s a good dog, he’s still just a puppy.

Day 1: From Eden

Thousands of years ago, a man named Paul sat down and penned a letter to a group of Christians in Rome. Although we are separated from this group by time, our similarities are undeniable.

Day 2: Praying Hands

About five years ago my “Uncle Mark” (a close family friend) asked me to do a sketch of praying hands for him. My natural response was wondering what he wanted it for.

Day 3: Unashamed

It was my freshman year in college at a state university. I didn’t see how missions applied to me, someone who did not feel called to be a missionary and was afraid of talking to new people.

Day 8: Replace the Judgement

It was a rare sunny spring season on the small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, and I was there serving at a refugee camp. Daily life for me consisted of handing out food, water, and other necessities, building tents, organizing housing for new arrivals, and taking a census of the camp for the supplies list.

Day 9: Pray for Faith

Salvation cannot be earned. Salvation cannot be earned. These are words I had caught myself whispering more times than I could count.

Day 10: Faith over Knowledge

It was the prettiest sight I had ever seen. Utterly extravagant and breathtaking; it was impossible not to stop and stare. The sunset that evening was mesmerizing.

Day 15: We are Nothing

Social media has made keeping in touch with old friends incredibly easy. With one tap or click, I can see how a friend from high school or college is doing.

Day 16: Gift of Grace

I was once on a train with a man and we got to talking about religion. He told me a bit about his upbringing. I asked him, “Do you believe in an afterlife?” He answered, “I’m not sure, but I hope I can one day be good enough to get in- if there is one.”

Day 17: Good Works vs. Faith

Growing up, I didn’t watch a lot of sports; I was always more of a bookworm. But once in a while, I would catch a basketball game or football game with friends. Inevitably, the conversation would drift to who was the G.O.A.T. – the greatest of all time.

Day 22: Live Out Your Faith

When I was 6 years old, God put it in my heart to go to Africa. All throughout my childhood, I talked about how much I wanted to go to Africa.

Day 23: Hope Grows in the Unknown

I go to church with a woman named Kelly. She has cystic fibrosis, which she was diagnosed with when she was ten. Cystic fibrosis is a life-threatening disorder that affects your lungs and digestive system.

Day 24: Persevere in the Darkness

When I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed with depression and chronic fatigue. It has affected me in different ways and at different intensities over the years, but I have known mental illness as a companion for almost half of my life.

Day 29: Our Real Freedom

In the story, Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, the protagonist Jean Valjean is struggling to adjust to who he has become in the eyes of others. After serving a nineteen-year prison sentence for petty theft, he becomes hardened and bitter.

Day 30: It Always Starts Out Small

What started as a series of small invasions became an international conflict. One man’s cunning strategy nearly toppled the entire world. Who was this man? Adolf Hitler.

Day 31: What Are You Dedicated To?

When he was only seven years old, Michael Phelps had already devoted his life to swimming. By age eight, he was dreaming of the Olympics, and, by age eleven, Phelps’ potential caught the eye of an experienced coach who invested in him.

Day 36: The Dirt in Your Life

One of the most embarrassing feelings is getting home at the end of a long day, looking in the mirror, and finding something stuck in your teeth. Or, if you’re me, a dry salsa spot on your face.

Day 37: Constant Tug of War

Have you ever come together with a team to play tug of war? If you have, you know that the group that pulls the other team into the mud at the end is the winner. Sometimes the Christian life can feel like this, except it’s just you pulling at both ends.

Day 38: Our Death Sentence

In Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution, it states that the President has the authority to grant pardons. “He (the President) shall have the power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.”

Day 43: Do You Question God’s Love?

Why do questions make us think? There are probably multiple ways we could answer that question, and that’s the point. Questions cause us to search through all the possible answers in order to find the right one that will put a period in the place of the question mark.

Day 44: Loving the Lost

In 1955, Jim Elliot and four of his friends made contact with a violent tribe in Ecuador, called the Huaorani. Even though the Huaorani were known to be violent, Jim Elliot and his friends wanted nothing more than to bring the Gospel to them.

Day 45: God’s Love is Unconditional

When I was born, I did not have to work for my parents’ love. I did not have to do any magic tricks or accomplish any feats to earn their love. Instead, my parents loved me purely because I was their child.

Day 50: Don’t Live For a Checklist

It is so easy to live life, just checking things off a list. I am an organized person, I am one of those people who instantly updates my planner whenever I have new projects or there are changes to my deadlines.

Day 51: What is Your Life Based On?

There was a time in my life when I quit believing in God. Why? Well, there were so many bad things going on in my life, and I couldn’t understand why a good and faithful God would allow those things to happen.

Day 52: Stop Living in Fear

When I was 8 years old, my parents sat me down and shared the gospel to me. On that day, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Even at that young age, I came face to face with my depravity and the reality of hell.

Day 57: Road to Repentance

I know a young man, Eric who had a son outside of marriage. Eric loved his son and the gift of fatherhood, but his relationship with his son’s mother, Tracy was bad. Very bad.

Day 58: Part of the Family

I have a close friend who is adopted. Her name is Sasha*. She has just one other sibling who wasn’t adopted. The fact that she was adopted and her sibling wasn’t has never affected their parent’s love for them.

Day 59: Undeserved Acceptance

During a presidential election, there is a tendency for every candidate to criticize the other, making sure that they come out the better option. Other than making promises, or putting their experiences on the table, they call their competitor out.

Day 64: Show Love in Action

Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. I was seventeen years old when I truly learned what forgiveness was.

Day 65: Forgiveness in Light of Evil

*PSA: Sensitive Content
It wasn’t too long ago when a “friend” raped me. This person didn’t just do it once, then feel remorse and change. Instead, this person got away with it the second time, and a third time, and then almost every single day for the next six months.

Day 66: Honor Leaders, Honor God

It is so easy to take your parents for granted. I remember when I used to have a journal where I would write about my crushes, my accomplishments, my hopes, and also my annoyance of my parents.

Day 71: What are Your Convictions?

By now, I think a lot of us have been able to figure out that Disney has fed us quite a few skewed messages. For example, wishing upon a star doesn’t make all of our wildest dreams come true, and real love typically doesn’t happen after only a week of knowing someone.

Day 72: Contents of Our Thoughts

Have you ever asked a child to summarize the main content of their favorite movie? It’s actually so humorous. I’ve recently watched a few YouTube videos where kids were asked to give a synopsis of famous films.

Day 73: The People Pleaser

In every respect of the word, I am a people-pleaser. I have a very hard time saying “no,” I always try to make others happy (even if that means sacrificing my own wants or desires), and I often put myself in harm’s way to protect someone else’s feelings.

Day 78: True Friends

Every time I see Carol, it’s the same reaction. She runs towards me with full speed, arms stretched out wide, screaming my name. I always have to prepare for a big embrace as her hugs usually bring me to the ground.

Day 79: Pray, Pray, Pray

My two close friends and I have a group chat. Every day, we send texts asking for prayer requests. I know I can always count on them to take the time and pray for me when I need it.

Day 80: Love Like God

When my fiance and I were dating, he went through the Marine Corps Boot Camp. He was gone for three months and the only way we had of communicating was through letters.