Day 63: A Reflection

Day 84: A Meditation

Day 83: Not Mine, But God’s

Day 82: The Good and the Bad

Day 81: Stop Listening to the Lies

Day 80: Love Like God

Day 79: Pray, Pray, Pray

Day 78: True Friends

Day 77: A Meditation

Day 76: Evangelizing Correctly

Day 75: Correcting Out of Love

Day 74: Welcome Each Other

Day 73: The People Pleaser

Day 72: Contents of Our Thoughts

Day 71: What are Your Convictions?

Day 70: A Meditation

Day 69: Live by the Word

Day 68: It’s Not Our Job to Judge

Day 67: Comparison Kills Love

Day 66: Honor Leaders, Honor God

Day 65: Forgiveness in Light of Evil

Day 64: Show Love in Action

Day 63: A Meditation

Day 62: Work Together Or Not At All

Day 61: Beyond Our Understanding

Day 60: Promises Get Fulfilled

Day 59: Undeserved Acceptance

Day 58: Part of the Family

Day 57: Road to Repentance

Day 56: A Meditation

Day 55: Lawbreakers Find Grace

Day 54: Redemption and Grace Thrive

Day 53: How Will They Know?

Day 52: Stop Living in Fear

Day 51: What is Your Life Based On?

Day 50: Don’t Live For a Checklist

Day 49: A Meditation

Day 48: It’s Not About the Color of Your Skin

Day 47: Who Gets Punished?

Day 46: Mercy Towards the Undeserving

Day 45: God’s Love is Unconditional

Day 44: Loving the Lost

Day 43: Do You Question God’s Love?

Day 42: A Meditation

Day 41: Hope Lies in Prayer

Day 40: Life Wins

Day 39: Failure Isn’t the End

Day 38: Our Death Sentence

Day 37: Constant Tug of War

Day 36: The Dirt in Your Life

Day 35: A Meditation

Day 34: Our Inner Rebellion

Day 33: Death of Self

Day 32: Serve What is Good

Day 31: What Are You Dedicated To?

Day 30: It Always Starts Out Small

Day 29: Our Real Freedom

Day 28: A Meditation

Day 27: Despair to Hope

Day 26: Hope from Depravity

Day 25: Beauty of the Gospel

Day 24: Persevere in the Darkness

Day 23: Hope Grows in the Unknown

Day 22: Live Out Your Faith

Day 21: A Meditation

Day 20: Our New Identity

Day 19: Sins Forgiven

Day 18: God isn’t Transactional

Day 17: Good Works vs. Faith

Day 16: Gift of Grace

Day 15: We are Nothing

Day 14: A Meditation

Day 13: God is so Faithful

Day 12: Heart Check

Day 11: Stand Out

Day 10: Faith over Knowledge

Day 9: Pray for Faith

Day 8: Replace the Judgement

Day 7: A Meditation

Day 6: To Deliver Over

Day 5: One True King

​Day 4: Inherited Inclination

Day 2: Praying Hands