Day 82: Doing the Impossible

Read: Genesis 11:27-30

When the planes hit the twin towers during 9/11, only 4 men who were above the point of impact survived. In a video produced by Time Magazine, the men share their stories of survival. Despite flames engulfing the building, walls collapsing and air pressure threatening to pull them out of the building, they survived. They crawled their way across the floors over walls and down stairs until they ran into people who directed them to safety. Despite insurmountable odds, the four men are alive today sharing their stories.

God moves in seemingly impossible ways and has throughout history. Sarai, later renamed Sarah, is introduced here in Genesis 11:30. The author states that Sarai was barren. A recurring theme in the Bible is God using barren women to give birth to vital characters in the salvation story. Sarai is no exception. 

At this point in the story, she is barren and both she and her husband Abram are well past the age of fertility. According to nature’s laws, a child is not an option, yet God said that they would have a son and that their lineage would be as many as the stars in the sky. This seemed impossible, but thankfully God is not limited by the impossible. Just like the four men survived 9/11 when it seemed hopeless, God provided Sarai and Abram with a son when it seemed impossible. He was faithful to His promise. They gave birth to a son named Isaac and were the head of a lineage that outnumbered the stars.

This God who opened Sarai’s womb is the same God we know today. When a situation seems hopeless, God is able to do more than we can imagine. He works despite impossible situations. He often even chooses to work in the midst of them because His hand is all the more evident. Whether it’s a to-do list that seems bigger than the time given, a payment you are unable to make, a severed relationship, a mental illness that seems like it cannot be healed, or something different, it is not too much for God. 

Bring it to Him. These circumstances that are insurmountable to us are not to Him. He does not always choose to bring resolution, but it is not because He is incapable. He knows what is best according to the bigger picture that He sees. If resolution is His plan, He is sure to bring it about. And whether He chooses healing or not, He can be trusted.

 Take time today to meditate on the truth God is able to do more than we can imagine. He is faithful and can be trusted. The next time an impossible circumstances arises, remember the God who you follow and rest in Him.  

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