Day 74: Will You Remember

Read: Genesis 10:15-20

I have been serving in the children’s ministry at my church off and on since I was in 6th grade. I love serving with the kids and teaching them about who God is. One of my favorite ages to serve is 2-3 year-olds. They are just starting to talk, walk and understand some of the logic of what life is like. 

One of the things I do as a leader is to keep them safe and teach them how to do things safely. At my church, we had a slide that wasn’t very tall but was so fun for the small kids. There was one kid in particular who loved to slide but couldn’t figure out how to climb up the stairs. 

He would try to climb up and he would fall backward every time. I would help him walk up, but when he would try to walk up the stairs on his own, he would fall down and cry. We would constantly repeat this cycle. He was not able to look back at what I had taught him to fix his mistake. He continued to make it over and over, forgetting what he had learned, so as to not make himself cry or get hurt. 

We are seeing a very similar thing here with Ham’s children and grandchildren. Canaan fathered many children who dispersed and became large nations that ended up opposing Israel. They forgot who God was and what He had done for their great-grandfather.

Ham was on the ark with Noah. He saw what God was capable of and the grace He can display. But sin makes people do some crazy things. It is our sinful nature that always is taking us away from God, wanting to please our own desires and flesh. Canaan was cursed by Noah and turned from the God his grandfather worshipped. The people of Canaan worshiped idols and forgot what God had done for his family.

This is a very normal occurrence. We forget that God has saved us from the floods of our lives the next time we step in a puddle. We forget that God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and loves us with everything He has. He gave Himself up for us so that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. That is crazy to think about, God caring enough for someone like me, who forgets Him so often.

God continues to bless us with a rich history of the work He has accomplished. The Bible is an amazing testament to God’s faithfulness to His people, and the grace and mercy He is able to lavish upon them. We can read it and remember who our God is. Not only that, but we are able to have a relationship with Him. I know I can forget what God has done for me, but that doesn’t stop Him from working in my life. He continues to love me and care for me in the midst of my storms.

Spend some time in the Bible this week, just reading about the amazing things God has done. If Canaan and his sons just looked at their ancestors, they may have remembered the work of God. Also spend some time this week creating a list of the work God has done in your life so that you can look back and remember who He is.

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