Day 72: All Credit Goes to God

Read: Genesis 10:6-9

Group projects. We all have been a part of them, and we hate almost all of them. Teachers from middle school to college have deemed this practice to be beneficial, but they are generally a nightmare. I can think of one project, in particular, that was going to be a year-long group project. We were set to research throughout the year and present on a chosen topic at the end. 

My group ended up being super dysfunctional and we were unable to communicate at all. One member was gone all of the time, and never showed up to group meetings. Another was just trying to always keep the peace, never saying anything. I just wanted to get things done and didn’t really care what I said.

I accidentally hurt someone with my words, and had no idea I had even done it. But instead of telling me what happened, the group member shut down and left our group. We eventually had to have a discussion with our professor and air out all of our dirty laundry. I realized how awful I had been and how my actions after that made everything worse. I had more faith in myself and my abilities, that I had done nothing wrong, and that I could fix everything because I was in control.

But, I was not the one ultimately in control. I should not have been. This is something we see throughout a lot of Scripture, and Nimrod is no exception. A descendant of Ham, Nimrod is one of the few sons who is singled out in scripture. But, just because we learn about him, does not mean he is someone to be admired. But, just because he is called out, does not mean it is a good thing. Nimrod actually means “we will rebel.” And with the description of him being a mighty man and a mighty hunter shows that he was probably a corrupt man, getting his titles from using his prowess in battle.

Nimrod was not a man who placed his faith in God, but in himself. We will see more of his wrongdoings in verse 10 and chapter 11, but he was not one to rest in the assurance of God. Are you one to rest in who God is? Or, do you rely more on what you bring to the table? Do you respect the overarching power of who God is and what He can do? Or do you think your way is always better and you are able to accomplish it on your own?

Today, spend some time reflecting on what has been accomplished in your life the last few weeks. How often did you attribute that success to yourself, rather than the One who truly deserves the credit? Pray that the Lord will help you to see Him in His fullness. That, He will reveal to you the work He does in your life, and that you will put your life fully in His hands.

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