Day 60: God Doesn’t Need Us

Read: Genesis 8:13-17

Humanity was given a second chance through Noah. God wiped out the whole earth with a flood and this was humanity’s second chance at living (after the pre-fall world). God spared man, and decided to give him a ‘retry’. In this passage, the only people on Earth was Noah, his wife, and his son’s wives. They started over, walking in God’s obedience. 

His command was for Noah to step out of the ark, and with him, all the animals. They, two by two, stepped or flew out of the ark and filled the earth. What a beautiful sight! All of God’s creation together in one space for the last time before they went out and fulfilled their purpose.

God wanted to give humans another chance at life, despite the fact that we are fallen and sinful, God loves and treasures us. He gave man the command to spread out throughout the earth. Isaiah 45:18 said the earth was created for humans to inhabit it. God first said, “be fruitful and multiply” in Genesis 1:28. This is a reproductive blessing from God for humanity to procreate. 

However, we weren’t created just to have fun and make babies. Humans have purpose through Jesus Christ. We may be sinful, broken and dirty, but in Him, we are worthy and invaluable. Think about how a mama bear loves her cubs and would do anything for them. God loves us a million times more than that. He created us from the dust uniquely. He says we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139).

One thing we need to remember, though, is that God does not need us to populate the earth. God can do anything and make anything if He so desires (Ephesians 3:20).We aren’t little worker bees that just do the hard work for God. If it was this way, we wouldn’t have the choice to follow God or to turn away from Him. We have a free choice. He didn’t create us because He was lonely. God, the Son and the Holy Spirit together existed forever and ever. He didn’t need to create life to be happy. In Him is life, and He, Himself is life (John 5:26).

This is an amazing thing, that God is life. This means that when we come into union with Him we also receive life and become perfectly one (John 17:20-23). Jesus promises that we will never thirst again (John 4:13-14). We will have this wholesome, eternal fulfillment and satisfaction through Jesus.

Colossians 1:15-17 says that all things on earth and in heaven were created by God and for God. It says that in Him, all things hold together. He does not need us, and yet He chose to create us. What love.

We have such a loving God. Let us not waste this second chance we were given and truly seek out what God has planned for us…

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