Day 55: Renewal through Decay

Read Genesis 7:21–24

Entering the end of Genesis 7, as the waters flooded all the earth, the greatest consequence had come. All but Noah and his household were wiped out. Verse 23 says, “He blotted out every living thing that was on the face of the ground, man and animals and creeping things and birds of the heavens. They were blotted out from the earth.”  It’s easy to think of it as a blank slate wiped clean, but humanity’s sin resulted in the loss of lives. The people had to pay the consequence of their sins.

It’s hard to imagine the sorrow that the Almighty Father felt as He looked at the evil which had consumed His creation. And I’m sure sorrow hung heavy on Noah and his household as they realized they had lost family and friends. There was probably a time of mourning on the ark for all who had been lost. Although the people were paying the consequences of sin, there were young children who lost their lives, and all of the land animals that weren’t on the ark had lost their lives as well. This was a tragic situation, and one that was to be mourned. Nothing is so sorrowful as mankind’s estrangement from God.

 With the exception of the Ark itself, there was nothing left. Genesis 7 emphasizes the fact that the earth was wiped clean. God would use Noah to start again. He was a good choice because the Bible tells us that he was righteous and upright. And yet, Noah was still a broken human. 

Even this very best, chosen man could not bring about a new earth or solve the sinful problems of humanity. The Genesis account of the flood reminds us that we have always needed a Savior. The need for Christ is clearly seen in these early chapters of Genesis. When we take the time to read the Bible from cover to cover, the narrative clearly sets up the coming life of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ’s loving care for humanity was unfolding even through the narrative of sin and suffering seen in Genesis 7. This chapter is an amazing blend of power, love, and justice, and very clearly lays out the powerful might and strength of the Lord.

God wants us to live beyond the sin that defined humanity for so long. He created us to know Him and have communion with Him, and that is why the Cross is so beautiful. How can we hold to the hope of the renewal of our lives through Christ more and more?

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