Day 52: Waters Rise

Read: Genesis 7:11–14

Storms terrify me. After experiencing a horrible storm when I was camping as a little girl, the rest of my childhood was marked with a deep fear of storms. Whenever I heard the rumble of thunder or heard rain coming down, I would run to the basement and sleep where I felt safe. When there were especially bad storms, I would hide in the bathroom and beg the Lord to protect me from death. It seems dramatic, but it was a deep set fear of mine. Over time, I’ve become much less afraid of storms, but even now, when I drive towards dark clouds, I have to slow my breathing and remind myself that I don’t have to live in fear.

I can only imagine how much more afraid I would have been if I had experienced the flood that came upon the world during Noah’s time. Biblical scholars say that up until this point in time people had never experienced rain. So for the water of the deep to come up and cover the ground while rain fell for the first time, it would have been really crazy .  . . and frightening!

The scoffers must have caught their breath. Crazy, wild, out of his mind Noah actually was right. There was water that was coming to cover the earth. The ones who had once laughed at his obedience were now the same ones who would lose their lives.

God made what had never occurred, occur. He, the constant One, changed the world in an instant, unleashing torrential rain and flood waters.

Noah’s family was inside the ark with him. You have to wonder what went through their minds. Did they desperately cling to each other? Did they shout or scream? Or did they just sit in complete silence? Whatever the case, there was a floodgate of water, and it was unrelenting. The Lord had brought about what He had promised, and yet He had protected Noah and his family. He hadn’t forgotten them even as they faced the scariest thing they had ever experienced. He did not abandon them in their time of need.

As followers of God who get to look at all 66 books of the Bible, so we know that the God would bring about a rainbow to promise that this calamity would never come again. But at the moment, Noah and his family didn’t know that. They only knew that God was a mighty God, and they had no control over the storm in front of them.

They sat and waited on God, trusting that he would bring them through. Their faith is an example for us as we look at the heroes of the Christian faith that went before us. Whether it’s a literal storm or a spiritual one, God is faithful to his people and He will not abandon us to wait them out without His presence.

Do you see the Lord’s power in your life? He is far more powerful than anything we can comprehend. It’s amazing. He is not a God to be trifled with. He can breathe life into dust, and He is breathing life into the sorrow, despair, and battles in front of us.

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