Day 39: Walking with God

Read: Genesis 5:18-24

I was in high school when I first knew I wanted to enter the field of mental health. A friend of mine opened up to me about struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. For hours that night, we sat together as she poured out her struggle, with tears streaming down our faces. We brought over a couple adults we knew who sat with us as my friend continued to open up about the dark place she was sitting in.

As I sat beside my friend as she trudged through depression, I realized that I had found my calling during this difficult experience. It was not that I wished this upon her; I wanted nothing more than for her to be healed. But, I realized that walking alongside those struggling with mental health was what God created me to spend my life doing. God created each of us with passions and gifts that we are meant to use on this earth, but these gifts in and of themselves are not what we were ultimately created for. They are only a piece of the puzzle. Every calling that God gives us in this life has the deeper purpose of walking with God and helping others come alongside Him.

In Genesis 5:22, Enoch is highlighted as a man who walked with God. Or in other words, He truly lived a godly life. His name actually means “dedicated.” He was living in the way God intended him to. Even if we are not currently able to walk with God physically, just like Enoch, we are able to walk with God in a spiritual sense. It is only in this position of walking with God that we are able to live life to its fullest.

What does that mean, exactly? Walking with God begins by making the choice to draw near to Him. It means spending time getting to know Him by reading His Word and talking with Him in prayer. Learn how He desires you to live and then take action, living in light of what you’ve learned. This is not about being perfect. Remember that when you mess up, but repent of your sins, God will forgive you (1 John 1:9). He is ready to help you pick up and dust off and begin walking where you left off. But walking with God is a choice. It’s one that is worth every moment and breath spent.

Spend time today praying that God will reveal one area of your life that you need to invite Him into today and walk with Him in that. Really listen, and don’t let pride get in the way.

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