Day 37: God Sees Us

Read: Genesis 5:6-11

Time magazine highlighted the most influential people of 2019. The list includes artists such as Regina King and Ariana Grande, world leaders such as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Pope Francis, and others such as journalist Gayle King and golfer Tiger Woods. The most highlighted people in the world today are those who are either the most successful, have the most money, are the most influential, or are deemed the most beautiful, etc., maybe even a mix of those things. 

It has been this way for much of history. Most recorded lineages only include the names of gods and royalty. But the genealogies in the Bible are of seemingly regular people. Seth, Enosh, Kenan… These are the ones God chose to be the ancestors of Noah, Abraham, David, and eventually Jesus. 

Yesterday, the importance of the pattern of the genealogy was pointed out. Another important thing to note is that it is our history, our background. After the Flood, the world was populated by Noah’s family. Every single ethnic group post-flood has come from them! And, we can even go as far as what we got from Adam and Eve. The fact that we are automatically born into sin is because of a decision they made. Good or bad, we are all somehow connected to the people listed here. 

We are not told of everything they accomplished in life, or their net worth. What we are sure about is that God knew them by name, recorded their age, and chose to include them in the line of salvation.

Considering this biblical genealogy shows us that God is detail-oriented and cares about individuals. These men may not have the qualifications that would highlight them in today’s society, but they were valued by God. He did not choose them to be the ancestors of Noah because of their social ranking, but because of their obedience to Him. It was God Himself who determined their value. 

God is not a Deity who, after creating the universe, set it in motion and just let it spin on its own accord. Rather, He is an intensely personal God who cares about individuals and is present in the minute details of their lives.

Because God never changes, we know this truth is the same today. God knows your name. He knows the details of your day. No moment goes unseen by Him just as there is no moment where you will go unseen by Him.

Remember that your value is not measured by your productivity or by how many people take notice of you. It is measured by the fact that God created you and has given your value. Rest in this truth and invite Him into today. Rather than trying to live the day on your own accord, spend time throughout out the day talking to God. 

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