Day 30: Don’t Look Down

Read: Genesis 4:6-7

Remember when you were a kid? Playing was one of the best things to do, but your parents probably placed some restrictions on what you could and couldn’t do. One of the rules in my house was that if we wanted to play with a ball, we had to take it outside (even in the cold Michigan weather). I’m sure you had similar rules. My mom was worried about us breaking a lamp or breaking some really nice picture frames. But to us kids, that seemed crazy. I knew I was good enough with a ball to not hit a lamp. 

But one day, my overestimated skill caught up to me. My brother and I were playing beach “volleyball” in the living room when I hit it poorly and knocked over one of mom’s lamps. The bulb shattered, and she came running into the room. My brother and I hung our heads in shame, looking at the floor, avoiding eye contact. The first thing she asked was “What happened here?” 

Now, my mom knew exactly what happened. She is quite smart and could easily see the broken lamp, the hung heads, and the beach ball and put it all together. But she asked anyway, wanting to give us each a chance to tell her what happened. 

God does the exact same thing with Cain in verse 6. With Cain’s fallen face and God’s immense knowledge, God was not asking a question He did not have the answer to. He knew exactly why Cain is angry. But God wanted to come down to Cain’s level and offer him a second chance to have a more intimate relationship. If Cain brings the offering with the right heart, will he “not be accepted?” 

Contrary to popular belief, the Lord is talking to Cain as if he is a believer in Him. But Cain’s heart is all messed up. Have you ever been there? Knowing that if you just turned around, God would give you a second chance andhelp you succeed in it?

Cain was at that place. His actions were close to those that would honor God, but because he allowed sin to rule, he missed the mark. God was tapping him on the shoulder saying, “Turn to me. It is not too late. Do well, and you will be accepted. I love you and am here for you. Don’t let sin take you hostage. Rule over it.” 

This is one of the first examples we have of God as a loving father. Rather than shouting at us from afar, He comes down to our level and helps us reach the conclusion He already knows. What areas of your life is God asking you “Why is your face fallen?” How can you turn to the Lord and say “Father, I want to do well, help me”? Pray today that the Lord will help make those areas of your life clear. 

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