Day 25: To be Named

Read: Genesis 3:20-21

Names have a lot of power. Historically, a huge part of naming someone was understanding what the meaning of the word was. Now, people don’t always name their child based off of the meaning of the word. Sometimes, they’re passing down a family name, or they just like the sound of the name. 

My parents named me Molly because they liked the sound of it, but they didn’t know the meaning of my name. As I read different books growing up and heard about all the valuable names people were given, I realized I didn’t know what mine meant. I was extremely distressed and annoyed to discover that my name means “bitter” or even “river of sorrow.” My parents had absolutely no idea that my name had such a negative meaning. But over time, I have grown to love and care about my name, even with the difficult meaning that it holds.

Adam named his wife Eve, which means “to live/breathe,” and it was to point to the fact that she would be the mother of all living people. Genesis 3:20-21 are two beautiful, refreshing verses after the heavy and sad verses about the curse. First, it starts with the life that will be brought forth from Eve, and the promise that it holds that even in this separation from God, there will not only be death and decay, but also new life. Eve ultimately will be in the lineage of Jesus, the redeemer of all humanity.

 Then, in a mysterious way, it is made clear that God has not finished caring for Adam and Eve. He fashions them clothes so that they are not walking in the shame of their nakedness. Even though they covered themselves with leaves, God gave them better and longer lasting clothing. The fact that the garments are made of skin marks the first sacrifice of animals in the Bible. This sacrifice is one of love and yet also reminds that death has already begun to take care of humanity in their new depravity and separation from God.

So often, I’ve heard about God not acting the same in the Old and New Testament. That is, there is a common belief that He is a God of love in the New, and a God of judgement in the Old. I’ve struggled with whether or not I agree with this mentality in the past, but the Bible makes it clear that God is the same forever. There are many verses in the Old Testament such as Genesis 3:21 where God’s love is so clear in the way that He looks out for His people. The sacrifice and tenderness of the Creator of the Universe doing something as small and mundane as making Adam and Eve clothes is a remarkable illustration.

Do you believe that God loves you even in the little details of life? I know that I often don’t know how to accept that love. He is so much more than just a God of judgement. Rest in the reality that he has loved you in your darkest and worst moments, and that he still loves you now. There is nothing you can do to lose that love!

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