About the Trials and Thanksgiving Series

It’s safe to say that no one is a stranger to hard seasons of life. Mental illness, severed relationships, crippling sickness, financial struggles, and more are realities. For some, these may be lifted and healed. God is certainly able. Sometimes though, He chooses not to, and these realities stay with us.

Why He chooses not to lift all hardships is a question that we don’t have an answer to. What we do know though is God’s character. He is always present with us. He understands our pain, and He is faithful to walk us through it. Because of this, even in our darkest days, we have hope!

This series looks at suffering in the Bible, and who God is in the midst of it. We hope you are encouraged by these devotionals to lift your eyes to our good, always present God who can be relied on, even when nothing else is steady.

Trials and Thanksgiving Series at a Glance

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Week 1

Day 1: Waiting in Joy

Day 3: Humility Through Trials

Day 4: The Giver to Sinners

Day 5: Fast to Forgiveness

Day 6: Action Required

Day 7: A Meditation

Week 2

Day 8: The Tapestry

Day 10: The High Road

Day 11: Finding Hope

Day 12: Refined by God

Day 13: Beautiful Things

Day 14: A Meditation

Week 3

Day 15: God & Suffering

Day 16: Selfless Love

Day 17: Honoring God

Day 18: Rejoice, Lest We Forget

Day 20: Mystery and Redemption

Day 21: A Meditation

Week 4

Day 22: Save me, O my God!

Day 23: Spirit of Praise

Day 25: The Lord is my Shepherd

Day 27: A Green Olive Tree

Day 28: A Meditation

Week 5

Day 30: Defining Moments

Day 32: His Name is Jesus

Day 33: Stunning Vulnerability

Day 35: A Meditation