Day 28: A Reflection

Join us for our forth weekly Metanoia Devotional Podcast as we reflect on John chapter 6 from our online series…

Day 27: The Spirit Gives Life

Throughout John 6, Jesus points to the fact that He is the bread of life and that eternal life is found through him. Each time the crowd or His disciples ask questions, He further asserts this truth.

Day 26: Fill

Picture this: You’re hungry, possibly verging on hangry, and excited to have food in your body after a few hours since your last meal or maybe even after a workout. As you eat, the meal is delicious, but when the food is gone you’re not filled.

Day 25: From the Father

I grew up in the church. My mother was a Christian and my father was Catholic, so no matter who I was with, I went to church or mass every Sunday. My time was accounted for, but it wasn’t until I was 10 years old when I began the journey of understanding why this Jesus made people so happy without obvious reason.

Day 24: Settling for Crumbs

The crowd could not get enough of Jesus, no matter how ill-intended their following may have been. At this point in the gospel of John, Jesus had been performing miraculous signs and creating controversy amongst the crowd and Jewish officials for a while.

Day 23: Do Not Be Afraid

There have been a number of times in my life that I’ve been afraid. When I was fired from my first post-grad job, not knowing if another would come. When I had to find a new church to call home for the first time in my life since moving from my home in Los Angeles all the way to Chicago for school. When I lost friends who I thought would be around longer.

Day 22: Where You Are, As You Are

Up to this point, you’ve looked into the introductory poem and story of John 1 that parallels this gospel to Genesis 1. You’ve experienced Jesus’s first recorded sign of turning water into wine and its importance. Jesus doesn’t perform signs and wonders to show off.