Day 21: A Reflection

Join us for our third weekly Metanoia Devotional Podcast as we reflect on John chapters 4-5 from our online series…

Day 20: Seek the Glory of God

Have you ever done a good deed and then felt the barbed grip of pride start to lay hold of it, claiming it for its own? You begin to look at yourself thinking, “Wow, I must be a really good person, look at what I just did!”

Day 19: Death to Life

“I believe in Jesus, but I think He was just a good moral teacher.” “Jesus never really said He was God. People just misunderstood Him.” I’ve heard these arguments against the divinity of Christ many times, but they’ve never made sense to me.

Day 18: Superstitious Christianity

We don’t really think about superstitions having a part in Christianity, but they are more than just throwing salt over your shoulder. Religious superstitions sneak into areas of life that we don’t often realize, like deciding that a bad day was due to missing morning quiet time.

Day 17: On Belief

I moved to Nepal in January of 2014. Within a few days, I got hopelessly lost in the city of Kathmandu. At first, I was excited. I trusted in God to help me find my way back and was looking forward to seeing how he would provide. But as the hours drew on and the shadows began to lengthen, I started to lose faith.

Day 16: Forgetful Excitement

Imagine that you are a kid again and today your grandparents are coming to visit. You are really excited and can’t wait to see them. Your mom says they won’t be here for another few hours, so you go about your chores, cleaning your room and putting away the dishes.

Day 15: Living Water

I grew up in a small town in eastern Michigan. Anyone who has ever lived in a small town can attest to the fact that there is no privacy. Everyone knows everything about you.