About the John Series

Throughout the Bible, it is clear that God longs to dwell with his people. He walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and, in the book of John, we read how He walked among us as the fulfilled Messiah.

“The Word has come and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory… full of grace and truth.”

(John 1:14)

Join us in this devotional series as we walk alongside Jesus. We hope you will see his glory, smeared all over the pages of the book of John, and that “by believing, you may have life in his name.” (John 20:31)

This is our heart. And, it is God’s heart, too.

John Series at a Glance

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John Week 1

Day 1: Who is this Man?

Day 3: Direct their Eyes

Day 4: An Unimaginable Sacrifice

Day 5: Meeting the Savior

Day 6: Heaven Opened

John Week 2

Day 8: The First Sign

Day 10: Untrustworthy Popularity

Day 12: The Best News

Day 14: A Reflection

John Week 3

Day 16: Forgetful Excitement

Day 18: Superstitious Christianity

Day 19: Death to Life

Day 20: Seek the Glory of God

John Week 4

Day 22: Where You Are, As You Are

Day 23: Do Not Be Afraid

Day 24: Settling for Crumbs

Day 25: From the Father

Day 27: The Spirit Gives Life

John Week 5

Day 29: Rejected by Family

Day 30: Missing the Messiah

Day 31: Inflexible Framework

Day 33: Mixed Reviews

Day 34: Simple Words

Day 35: A Reflection

John Week 6

Day 36: Corrupt Cops and Pharisees

Day 37: Knowing the Father

Day 38: The Truth Will Set You Free

Day 39: Network of Lies

Day 40: Picking Up Stones

Day 41: New Life This Side of Heaven

Day 42: A Reflection

John Week 7

Day 43: We are Sheep

Day 47: He cried. He wept. For us.

Day 49: A Reflection

John Week 8

Day 50: Blinded by Pride

Day 51: Misinterpretation

Day 52: The Key to Everything

Day 53: Love the Traitor Part 1

Day 54: Love the Traitor Part 2

Day 55: They Will Know

Day 56: A Reflection

John Week 9

Day 57: Heavenly GPS

Day 58: Peace Amid Chaos

Day 59: It’s Pruning Time!

Day 60: Expectations

Day 61: The Work of the Spirit

Day 62: Our Eternal Joy

John Week 10

Day 64: Glory in Goodness

Day 65: God With Us

Day 66: Community Like the Trinity

Day 67: In the World, Not of the World

Day 68: Know Us By Our Love

Day 69: Do You Trust Him?

Day 70: A Reflection

John Week 11

Day 71: How Do You Seek Him?

Day 72: Laying Down My Life

Day 73: A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Day 74: Act like You Believe It

Day 75: Provider God

Day 76: The Sting of Death

Day 77: A Reflection

John Week 12

Day 78: Death Could Not Hold Him

Day 79: Peace Be With You

Day 80: Doubting Thomas

Day 81: Jesus in the Ordinary

Day 82: Second Chances and a Higher Calling

Day 83: What is that to you? Follow Me!

Day 84: A Reflection