About Identity Series

Who are you? Why are you here? What purpose do you serve?


We have been focusing on what the book of Romans says about who we are and what Christ did for us. We hope our stories and thoughts on God’s Word will help you see that our salvation is never earned. It is only by grace that we find life! Our prayer is that you see God in a new light through this series.


Day 2: Praying Hands

​Day 4: Inherited Inclination

Day 5: One True King

Day 6: To Deliver Over

Day 7: A Meditation

Day 8: Replace the Judgement

Day 9: Pray for Faith

Day 10: Faith over Knowledge

Day 11: Stand Out

Day 12: Heart Check

Day 13: God is so Faithful

Day 14: A Meditation

Day 15: We are Nothing

Day 16: Gift of Grace

Day 17: Good Works vs. Faith

Day 18: God isn’t Transactional

Day 19: Sins Forgiven

Day 20: Our New Identity

Day 21: A Meditation

Day 22: Live Out Your Faith

Day 23: Hope Grows in the Unknown

Day 24: Persevere in the Darkness

Day 25: Beauty of the Gospel

Day 26: Hope from Depravity

Day 27: Despair to Hope

Day 28: A Meditation

Day 29: Our Real Freedom

Day 30: It Always Starts Out Small

Day 31: What Are You Dedicated To?

Day 32: Serve What is Good

Day 33: Death of Self

Day 34: Our Inner Rebellion

Day 35: A Meditation

Day 36: The Dirt in Your Life

Day 37: Constant Tug of War

Day 38: Our Death Sentence

Day 39: Failure Isn’t the End

Day 40: Life Wins

Day 41: Hope Lies in Prayer

Day 42: A Meditation

Day 43: Do You Question God’s Love?

Day 44: Loving the Lost

Day 45: God’s Love is Unconditional

Day 46: Mercy Towards the Undeserving

Day 47: Who Gets Punished?

Day 48: It’s Not About the Color of Your Skin

Day 49: A Meditation

Day 50: Don’t Live For a Checklist

Day 51: What is Your Life Based On?

Day 52: Stop Living in Fear

Day 53: How Will They Know?

Day 54: Redemption and Grace Thrive

Day 55: Lawbreakers Find Grace

Day 56: A Meditation

Day 57: Road to Repentance

Day 58: Part of the Family

Day 59: Undeserved Acceptance

Day 60: Promises Get Fulfilled

Day 61: Beyond Our Understanding

Day 62: Work Together Or Not At All

Day 63: A Meditation

Day 64: Show Love in Action

Day 65: Forgiveness in Light of Evil

Day 66: Honor Leaders, Honor God

Day 67: Comparison Kills Love

Day 68: It’s Not Our Job to Judge

Day 69: Live by the Word

Day 70: A Meditation

Day 71: What are Your Convictions?

Day 72: Contents of Our Thoughts

Day 73: The People Pleaser

Day 74: Welcome Each Other

Day 75: Correcting Out of Love

Day 76: Evangelizing Correctly

Day 77: A Meditation

Day 78: True Friends

Day 79: Pray, Pray, Pray

Day 80: Love Like God

Day 81: Stop Listening to the Lies

Day 82: The Good and the Bad

Day 83: Not Mine, But God’s

Day 84: A Meditation