About the Genesis Series

When you think of Genesis – you may think it is only about Creation, but Genesis is so much more.
It is the beginning of the world, the beginning of our downfall, and the beginning of God’s mercy on us.
This first book of the Bible is where God presses “play” on everything that exists.

We will see how evil began and how God responded.
But best of all, we see hope.
You’ll learn the stories of the men and women who came before us,
where they went wrong, and how God redeemed them.
It’s the same cycle we often find ourselves in.

We hope this study leaves you in awe of God’s power, justice and love.
Let’s go back to the very beginning together.

Genesis Series at a Glance

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Week 1: God Creating Life

Day 1: An Intending God

Day 2: Theology of Land

Day 3: The Painting

Day 4: A Homecoming

Day 5: Humanity, my Love

Day 6: The Faithful Life

Day 7: A Meditation

Week 2: Rest, Beauty and Marriage

Day 8: Take a Sabbath

Day 9: Potter and His Clay

Day 10: Made for Relationship

Day 11: The Dirt We Came From

Day 12: The Power Of Community

Day 13: Giving Up Ourselves

Day 14: A Meditation

Week 3: Temptation

Day 15: Our Biggest Enemy

Day 16: Look it in the Eye

Day 17: Shame or Embarrassment

Day 18: Where Do You Run?

Day 19: Stop Hiding

Day 20: It’s Not My Fault

Day 21: A Meditation

Week 4: Curses

Day 22: The Coming Hope

Day 23: To Be A Woman

Day 24: The Broken Ground

Day 25: To be Named

Day 27: Lost in History

Week 5: Evil and Redemption

Day 29: Where’s the Heart?

Day 30: Don’t Look Down

Day 32: What We Need, Not Deserve

Day 33: It Can Be Discovered

Day 34: Isn’t God Good?

Week 6: Genealogy

Day 36: There is Value in Everyone

Day 38: Sins Have a Snowball Effect

Day 39: Walking with God

Day 40: Where Has Patience Gone?

Day 41: More Than Mundane

Week 7: Sin and Obedience

Day 43: The Extent of Sin

Day 44: The Sorrow of Evil

Day 47: Stop Making Your Own Plans

Day 48: Live By Obedience

Week 8: God’s Wrath and Faithfulness

Day 50: Living Obediently

Day 51: Provision from God

Day 53: Patience in the Waiting

Day 54: One True Cleansing

Day 55: Renewal through Decay

Week 9: Obedience and Assurance

Day 57: All of Creation is Cherished

Day 58: Welcome to the Threshold

Day 59: Each Breath Whispers Yahweh

Day 60: God Doesn’t Need Us

Day 61: God Loves Animals Too

Day 62: Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane

Day 63: A Meditation

Week 10: God’s Promises and Blessings

Day 64: A Second Chance

Day 65: The Value Within Us

Day 66: Over and Over Again

Day 67: We All Need Reminders

Day 68: There Are No Heroes In This Story

Day 69: Don’t Get Hammered, Kids

Week 11: God’s Promises Fufilled

Day 71: Promises Fufilled

Day 72: All Credit Goes to God

Day 73: Make it God’s Kingdom

Day 74: Will You Remember

Day 75: Every Decision Counts

Day 76: Keep Reading

Week 12: Disobedience

Day 78: Stop Focusing on Self

Day 79: Out of Love

Day 80: We Were Chosen

Day 81: Say Yes to Him

Day 82: Doing the Impossible

Day 83: Love Despite Our Sin