Day 11: War and Peace

Read: Luke 2:15-21 and Proverbs 12:19-21

My move to Chicago was hard. Leading up to it, I cried a lot. It was a time of change, yet as everything was going wrong around me, I was comforted and felt peace. While I did not understand the move or the sudden nudge to be in Chicago, God gave me peace about the decision.

He allowed me to see that this move was bigger than me. God pointed me to the fact that this new peace was for the sake of His Son’s righteousness, through whom I am made righteous before God. Because of that, I could take part in His promise of peace.

If Leo Tolstoy has taught us anything through his writing, it’s that “war and peace” often coincide with one another. More importantly, from God’s Word, we learn that peace can exist in what feels like war.

In the story of Christ’s birth, it’s easy to envision a precious baby who is new to the world and is being worshiped by the people of God. What is often forgotten, however, is that Christ’s birth was a declaration of war. Don’t worry. For those of us who are in Christ, this is the best news, but if you were King Herod or Satan, this was the very thing to fight against.

When the shepherds heard of Christ’s birth, they went to Him and worshiped Him. For them, this was good news. This was the change they sought after. What King Herod saw, on the other hand, was a direct threat. Those who believed in God’s promises spoke of Jesus as a King coming to deliver them. Since King Herod was the king, and lived his life selfishly, he did not find peace in this prophecy.

It is this very lack that Herod confused for comfort that caused him to act rashly in the midst of something out of his control. Because being king was what Herod clung to, no joy could come from hearing of the arrival of another.

What is a war that you are finding yourself fighting through right now? Consider what in what ways can you be of better service to those around you, then read through Luke 2 and Proverbs 12:19-21 to remember what is promised to you.

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