Day 10: There is More

Read: Luke 2:8-14

After graduating from college, I started my first “adult” job. I quickly learned that I didn’t enjoy it, and then I lost it. After losing the job, I was anxious. I no longer had financial independence. My student loans would get stretched out because I couldn’t pay them. That time of my life was a mess, but I regained my peace through a women’s retreat with my church.

In Luke 2, we’re given a peek into the shepherds doing their normal jobs on a seemingly typical night, right before it took a turn for the better. As these shepherds were watching over their sheep, an angel of the Lord appeared to them.

Their initial response was one of fear, but the angel quickly shared the news of Christ’s birth and pointed them in the direction that they should go to worship Him. They were enthralled. Even more angels then appeared singing songs of worship for the newborn King! It was a perfect scene for praise. Just imagine the shepherd’s awe.

Christ’s birth was a joyous occasion. This is the very thing, the very peace, that they had hoped for. A normal night turned into glorious news for the shepherds. In Luke 2:8-14, the shepherds were commanded not to be afraid. They were also told where they could find the reason not to fear.

When we’re anticipating change, we must remember to trust what God has planned. We can’t hold tightly to the things beyond our control. We must remember God’s call for us, whether that means moving, transferring schools, or staying at a certain job.

Most often, God meets us during our day-to-day tasks. You may not be expecting His presence, or enjoying what you’re doing, but God will give you the peace and assurance necessary to know that this is not the end. There is more.

Let God’s promises ring in your ears and stay in your mind. And most importantly, remember to continually give the glory and praise to God.

God promises peace to His people. It is us who feel like it has been removed when life does not seem to go according to our plan. How can you live in peace today? What can you do moving forward to remember Christ as the reason not to fear?

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