About Metanoia

We are a group of college students who are passionate about bringing theologically rich and refreshing content to our peers. This project came about when Today in the Word, a devotional ministry saw that there was a slim market in devotional content for young adults. They came to us and asked if we thought that it was something worth investing in. We came back with a resounding yes. After lots of brainstorming, dreaming, and planning, we built Metanoia from the ground up. We believe it’s a game changer in the devotional realm, and we hope you do too.

As we were trying to figure out the right word to describe our devotional, we threw out a lot of ideas. Metanoia was the word that stuck. It’s a Greek word that shows up in the Bible over 20 times. Every time, it’s translated as repentance. It’s a repentance that’s a change of mind; a shift of sorts. In a visual example, metanoia is the journey from shadows to light. This is a progression that occurs over time. In this way, we believe that our devotional reflects the progression of a Christian’s life. We are all on the path of being made new together, and Metanoia is a tool for you to be encouraged in the midst of the movement.

Our Team


Lead Designer

Summer is a junior Communications major at Moody Bible Institute with an emphasis in photography, graphic design and marketing. She originally comes from a town in Georgia where the Masters Golf Tournament is held every year. When not working, you can find her checking off her bucket list of things to explore in Chicago, watching movies and tv shows with friends, and listening to country music. She’s an Enneagram 9w1.


Audio Producer

Stephen (aka Stevo) is a junior Communications major at Moody Bible Institute with an emphasis on audio and music production. He is from Aurora, Illinois, where he loves to record his own songs in his home studio. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his family of ten, going to the movies with friends, and eating out at local fast food restaurants. He’s an Enneagram 3w4.



Michaela, though most people call her Mic, is a sophomore Communications major at Moody Bible Institute with strengths in writing and public speaking. She’s been a Midwest girl all her life growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is passionate about showing people why theology matters in the everyday. When not writing, you can find her thrifting, hunting for the best oat milk latte around town, or having all the deep conversations as an Enneagram 4w3.


Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Kennedy is a junior at Moody Bible Institute, focusing on writing and marketing as a Communications Major. She recently married her best friend, Noah, in December. Originally from Michigan, Kennedy grew up camping next to the Great Lakes, hiking many of the state’s trails and eating Michigan cherries every chance she got. She hopes to travel as much as she can, meet as many people as she can, and write for as long as she can. She’s a 7w6 on the Enneagram.



Daniel is a sophomore majoring in Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute. He hails from Austin, Texas, and enjoys writing fiction at local coffee shops. In his free time, Daniel likes disc golfing and hitting the hiking trails out in the tranquil Texas hill country. He is an Enneagram 5w4.




Emma is freshman Communications major at Moody Bible Institute.  When not doing graphic design, you can find her singing and/or writing, thrifting, and watching whatever sports game is on TV. She’s from Springfield, Illinois, and is an Enneagram 9w8.


Digital Development Specialist

Elizabeth is a senior Communications major at Moody Bible Institute with an emphasis in nonprofit marketing and design. She spent her previous decade growing up around the moss-covered rocks, rain-drenched earth, and saltwater-infused air of Bellingham, Washington. When she has free time, she enjoys watercolor painting, going for walks in Chicago or anywhere there is water, and playing the piano. She’s an Enneagram 3w2.